CHE Training in Tsvermagala

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Community Health Education Training in Tsvermagala

From 23-26 April, 2009, a successful Community Health Education Seminar was held in Tsvermagala, Georgia . Ten women were in attendance. All of the participants were pleased and said they would attend another similar seminar.

Topics included the role of God and faith in building a family and in human life, the significance of prayer, the Christian upbringing of children, viral infections, ways of contraction and treatment, symptoms of Hepatitis А, B, C, D, the physiology of the female genitals, the harmfulness of abortion, and means of contraception.

 Missionary Rev. Matthew Heise has received an additional grant of $640 to fill a request received from local Georgian evangelists to conduct yet a third CHE/Women’s Health Seminar in Tsvermagala with 15-20 participants expected.


Tsvermagala women attend CHE Seminar


Tsvermagala women learn about nutrition at the CHE Seminar

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