Concordia Lutheran Ministries/Angel Tear Ministries Partners with LIMM

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Thank you Concordia Lutheran Ministries/Angel Tear Ministries, for your partnership in our ministry!

Already this year, you have helped make it possible for:

1. Medical Missionary Sarah Kanoy to teach women’s health issues to the wives of seminary students in Togo.
2. Medical Missionary Jamielynn Tinkey to take part in a LCMS Mercy Medical Team clinic in Tanzania.
3. Medical Missionaries Stephanie Schulte and Sarah Kanoy to complete a course in Global Health and Tropical Medicine,
4. Nurses Sharon Thomas and Megan Steele to teach women’s health issues in Seine, Bight, Belize.

Because of your partnership, these women of God are touching the lives of those whom they are called to serve; helping to create spiritually and physically healthier families and communities.

We thank God for you!

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