Haiti Relief Team / Urgent need

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Lutherans in Medical Missions is funding the transportation costs of Rev. Dr. Douglas Rutt of Concordia Seminary, Fort Wayne and Dr. John Lautenschlager, M.D. of St. Louis, MO to join the LCMS World Mission and World Relief and Human Care team in Santiago Dominican Republic.  They will be traveling to the Dominican Republic on January 21, 2010 where they will help assess how to best use resources to aid the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.
All donations designated for the work in Haiti will be used to help those affected by the earthquake.  Please keep the people in Haiti and all relief workers in your thoughts and prayers.
If you have any questions, please send me a note at  Donations to LIMM can be sent to:
Haiti Earthquake Relief
P.O. Box 766
Concordia, MO 64020


Another Human Care team is forming to go into Haiti in the next week or two–one as early as next Tuesday.  Please register on the World Relief and Human Care site at  and also send an email to (and copy and tell your availability for service, and what your specialty is and experience has been in previous overseas and triage situations such as this.  You must have a valid passport ready, and typhoid, Hep. A and Hep B series are recommended.  If you have the series you may consider a booster, especially for typhoid.  You will need to take malaria prophylaxis as well.  The conditions may be spartan and difficult so must be in good health.  General practice docs and surgeons and ER personnel are especially needed.  Please also let LI MM know if you are planning to serve in Haiti as a result of this email notification. 

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