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LIMM Training the Trainers Workshop in Omaha!

Imagine being torn from all you have known; homeland, family, friends, culture, hopes, dreams, everything. In towns and cities across the U.S, refugees arrive weekly, often directly from displaced persons camps, and our churches and districts are heeding the Call to serve these new neighbors.

Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church heeded that call, and in partnership with the LCMS Nebraska District, recently opened the “Peace Center for International Ministry.”  LIMM has been asked to partner with the people of God at Mt. Calvary as they develop outreach programs, and the very first “LIMM Health and Wellness Training Workshop” will take place at Mt. Calvary, September 12, 13 and 14.  What a Blessing to share in this new opportunity to touch new neighbors with the love of our Risen Lord!

The workshop will focus on using health and wellness lessons as a model for reaching into new communities, visiting with the wives and mothers of that community, and listening as they share the stories of their lives.  Participants will take an active role in the learning process, rather than just listen. There will be lots of lively conversation, skits and return demonstrations, equipping the learners with the skills and tools needed to walk beside these new neighbors, sharing knowledge that will help them nurture healthy, happy families, without giving up their cultural identities, and cheering them on as they in turn share what they have learned with their friends and neighbors.  Lesson topics range from demonstrating good oral hygiene to children, using a giant set of teeth, to sharing healthy recipes in the kitchen of a new friend or explaining to a group of young wives what to expect when pregnant.

We are excited about our partnership with Mt. Calvary, and eager to share workshops with other congregations, districts and mission agencies. Workshops can come in all sizes, and will add new dimensions to already existing health based mission outreach or help develop new ones.  Because the information shared is basic health and wellness information, one does not need to be a health care professional to use the lessons, which can be adapted to fit into any cultural context or situation.

But we cannot do this alone. We need your financial support to put flesh and bones on LIMM  Training the Trainers Workshops, adapting health and wellness lesson plans, making them uniquely Lutheran, flexible and appropriate for each need. We want to provide teaching tools, such as giant teeth and brushes, charts, and colorful handouts. We will start small, but, God willing, such workshops will grow. Most importantly, we need your prayers! Below are some examples of what your contributions will provide as we develop resources and materials. Please do not hesitate to call me anytime if you want to learn more about what has been shared in this letter, or about any of our other partnerships. Would a LIMM workshop be helpful in your outreach ministries? Do you have ideas or examples you can share? Let me hear from you at or 904-806-8679!

Rita Nickel

LIMM Executive Director

  • For a gift of $50, you can provide a complete workshop manual.
  • For a gift of $75, you can provide Giant Denture and Toothbrush Models, tooth brushes and toothpaste, and charts.
  • For a gift of $100 or more, you can provide other teaching tools such as anatomical models.
  • For gifts over $250, you can help with travel for workshop trainers.

All gifts are tax-deductable.  More information regarding the workshops will be listed on our website at



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