LIMM July 2015 Newsletter

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Lutherans in Medical Missions

Working with local and global partners to share Christ’s healing in medically underserved communities

Like cold water to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country” Proverbs 25:25

Good News from Kyrgyzstan! Thanks to you, our sisters in Kyrgyzstan are able to spread health and wellness teaching and training classes in areas far from the main cities: “Our Community Health Trainer, along with 2-3 leaders of the program, have already competed one trip and there will be 5-6 more trips this year, the duration of each trip will be 3-5 days. All expenses for food, hotel, transportation, visual aids and printed materials are able to be covered by your generous gifts. Thank You!”

Good News from China! The Health Education, Advocacy and Literacy Program continues to be well received and we have active participation from both local leaders and school students. “Our training topics include how to understand germ transmission, symptoms of a cold, treating and preventing diarrhea and many other health and wellness concerns. Thank You!”

Good News from Hyattsville, Maryland! “God had blessed the Community Health Education Ministry offered through the Lutheran Mission Society (LMS) Compassion Center in Hyattsville! Faith Community Nurse Jeanine McGrath has provided health services to the clients, visitors, staff and volunteers at the Center. It has been an exciting year of growth and blessing. Thank You!”

And finally, Good News from Belize! Thanks to those of you who made LIMM’s Wheat Ridge Foundation’s We Raise Project a success. Nurses Sharon Thomas and Shary Yerk spent a week in the Belize village of Seine Bight. The village is home to approximately 1200 people of Garifuna and Hispanic descent. Sharon writes that “Shary and I were able to lead 5 educational sessions on Diabetes Education. Our original plan was to work with the school aged children in the village, but due to school final exams, and family obligations, were had to shift our plans to work with the young (15 to 30 year old) adult women. Two classes were taught to the Spanish villagers, and two classes to the Garifuna women. These ladies have started a community feeding program for the elderly, and having been out of practice for several years, were very eager to be part of the diabetic teaching. They were given the course, and return demonstrated the teaching concepts of Diabetes. Besides the feeding program, they have become the community “home health” nurses, working strictly as volunteers to help those in need of teaching and care. Patient education is virtually non-existent in the country. In addition to the diabetes teaching, Shary and I met with several residents and discussed end of life care and their culture as well as making several home visits. We were very humbled to have been able to serve the villagers of Seine Bight, and are very appreciative of the assistance we received from LIMM. The village is in much need of ongoing prayer, and medical teaching in the form of CHE programs. Local leaders are determined to continue such programs. Thank you!”

Yes indeed, we thank you and we thank God for you! Without your prayers and continued financial support we would not exist. Together we can reach out and reach others with the best Good News ever!

Do you have a desire to serve on a short-term mission team or have a mission in mind we could become involved with? Please let us know. We are here to serve our Lord and to serve each of you.

Rita Nickel

Executive Director


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