LIMM November 2013 Newsletter

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“All your works shall give thanks to you, O Lord, and all your saints shall bless you!”

Psalm 145:10 

Thanksgiving!  All sorts of plans are made for that day. Memories, some good, some bittersweet, some downright awful, fly in and out of our minds.  As those who bear the mark of Christ upon our brow, the memories of all the Lord has done for us are the most precious. We at LIMM thank our Lord for each of you, who pray for us and partner with us in helping others to have such blessed memories. 

Since 2012 LIMM has supported Harvest Workers in the fields of India, Palestine, Thailand, Turkey, Chile, China, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Peru, the Philippines and Liberia.  We have partnered with many, including LCMS Mercy Medical Teams, Lutheran Parish Nurses International, LCMS , Chatham Fields Lutheran Church in Chicago, Concordia Lutheran Ministries/Angel Tear Ministries, and with each of you, providing financial and ground support for Community Health Education (CHE) and medical projects. 

In 2014 we will continue much of that support, including in the Philippines, where our brothers and sisters are suffering  much at this time. We look forward to maintaining our partnerships, while making  new ones.  One exciting new example, beginning  in January, is the CHE Health and Wellness Program, located on the campus of Redeemer Lutheran Church, Hyattsville, Maryland.  

This multicultural community, located within the expensive  DC area,  has many folks at risk and in need of support.  Seeking new  outreach opportunities, two local Maryland LCMS congregations partnered with the Lutheran Mission Society of Maryland (LMS), opening  an LMS Compassion Center, earlier this fall. The center provides  food, clothing, disaster relief, English language classes, and Christian counseling with weekly chapel services  to be held in English, Spanish or Swahili. By the Grace of God, the Hispanic and African immigrant ministries already in place will have even more ways to reach out to their neighbors. 

The University of Maryland Extension Center plans to teach nutrition classes at the center in the near future, providing an excellent addition to the new CHE Health and Wellness Program, which will be staffed by an LCMS Parish Nurse, working closely with the congregations and Compassion Center.  She will begin by assessing  specific health needs of those who come to the center and the community as a whole. Seminars, workshops, multi week classes, and personal counseling, etc. will follow. This Parish Nurse Ministry has spirituality at its core, with Witness, Mercy and Life Together always the goal.  LIMM is blessed to partner with Redeemer Lutheran Church, Hyattsville and Trinity Lutheran Church, Mt. Rainer, the Lutheran Mission Society, LCMS Life and Health Ministries and LCMS National Mission to make this project a reality.  

Thanksgiving! We are so thankful that God allows us the privilege of working side by side such awesome partners and are eager to see more Community Health outreach in the States.  You make the ministry of LIMM possible. Without you we can do nothing.  If one of the ministries above especially touches your hearts and you desire to help it continue, please mark it on your response, and we will make certain your support goes specifically to that project. If you would like to learn more about making CHE part of your churches outreach programs, or have any other questions, please contact us at, or  904-806-8679. 

May your Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas be filled with Golden Memories, 

Rita Nickel

LIMM Executive Director

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